Need an Investment?

At Aston Dvor, we believe that fashion can reach its full potential.
We bring together the best entrepreneurs — as investors, founders, managers and advisors — to develop world class companies.
We know how to get things done here.
Aston Dvor is a global powerhouse when it comes to technological fashion development. We have been for years. We’ve got the smartest investors and designer minds in the world at our tier-1 research facility in New Mexico spending more than $350,000 in research and development each year.


Aston Dvor sees technology as the best way to improve the human condition and does so by helping entrepreneurs create new wealth, jobs, and expand the tax base.

 — START. BUILD. and CHANGE THE WORLD. — we utilizes the knowledge, experience, contacts and capital of the world’s leading business and financial organizations to help promising entrepreneurs and their companies grow and succeed.


Programs & Services:

Our investments are designed to assist companies in 1) Shaping themselves into fundable entities, 2) Helping them develop a strategy to obtain the funding they need; and when appropriate, 3) Providing introductions to the investment and/or banking communities.